Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Girl You Are BEAUTIFUL

Calling all fat girls to Africa

Here in Africa the ideal body type is a girl that is bigger... I have the ideal body type which is so contrary to America and the West...

Also, in Africa it is not taboo as it is in America to talk about someone's body... people are very blunt... I am so used to people saying I am a beautiful girl and avoiding the issue of my body all together. Here I get told that I am fat or big at least once a day, Africans mean it as a complement...and the first couple of times it was just a funny cultural difference, but the novelty has now run out. I cannot help but innerly in my Western mindset take it as negative and I am beginning to have a complex. I am ready to just start to avoid the issue all together again.

But if you are a big girl and you relish in your body...Come to Africa... they will appreciate just as much!

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