Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Ugandan Family

So, I guess I will just begin at the beginning with the Blogs. I am and will be living with a family for almost my entire stay in Mukono. My family is as follows:

Mamma Rohbina (60's though she doesn't look a day over 45) - she is the matriarch of the family. She is a big, jovial woman that loves and thanks God with all of her being. So far we have both bonded in our Love of God and of laughing. She calls me "cheeky", but it’s a good thing.

Henry (25) - is Mamma's late brother's youngest son. He cannot find work so he spends his days helping Mamma and doing odd jobs around town. He is really nice...and I believe that he is slightly afraid of me,

William (22) - He studies law in Kampala. He is not Mamma's biological son but is her late husband's son. He likes American's and the fact that American Girls talk back. He was the first brother to open up to us. The first night we were in the house he helped us hang our mosquito nets and set up our room. He also helped teach us the Buganda tribal dance; and in turn me and my roommate taught him and Geoffrey how to swing and ballroom dance.

Geoffrey (20) - he is away at boarding school and was really shy around us at first. He is amazing at the Buganda dance. He is also Mamma's late husband's son.

Sage (20) - is also away at boarding school-he didn't really talk to us when he was around. I don't really know how he fits in.

Sylvia (19 or 20) - She is the only sister and I think she is Mamma's niece? She was quiet at first but she is really starting to open up. We talk about life and politics and I cannot wait to know her more. She taught us how to do our laundry...which takes FOREVER. She likes to dance... I think we will be good friends.

Peter (20?)- Peter is a nephew? He looks sixteen though and it is one of our inside jokes. I also think he is the naughty brother which I continually tell him and he continually tells me he is not (though he really is). He loves hip-hop, rap and R&B, just music in general...he also loves to dance and we have fun times with that.

Robert (20?)- He is a neighbor's son whose mother has passed away. He is so wonderful. He talks quiet and stutters sometimes...he wants to be a doctor and he love Jesus. Sometimes I will walk into his room and he will be reading a biology book and singing along to gospel music. He is just quiet and funny and a little quirky.

Julie (19) - is also in the USP program and is the only other muzungu (white person) in the family. Her father is a preacher and she is from Kansas. She is this tall, beautiful, American blonde-that is just as excited about this experience as me.

That is the entire family, so far... and there will be more stories to come but that is a break down so you all know who I am talking about in the posts to follow.

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