Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everything is Harder in Africa

The name says it all...everything is harder in Africa. I am not complaining- these are just the facts of my life here...
1. The dirt here is red and coats everything within 10 minutes. It gives me a new appreciation for foot washing since we walk everywhere.
2. I bathe in a bucket- at night we go outside and unlock our tank that holds our water (from the rain) and fill up multiple buckets and jerry cans with water (which is sometimes already brownish red) and bring them in the house. In the morning I wake up at 6, bring my bathing supplies, towel, and basin into the bathroom. I stick all the supplies in the tub and begin to pour water from a small drinking glass into my hair as I am bent over the tub. I then shampoo and rinse; by then the water is completely brownish red (the color of the dirt). I then proceed to get into the tub and try to clean the dirt off using a washcloth, cup, and basin-knowing that as soon as I walk outside I will be dirty again.
3. I was my clothes by hand- we separate colors- then you wash similar colors in the same bucket. You stick all the clothes in one bucket of water; add detergent and let sit for about ten minutes. You then scrub each individual item with your knuckles and put it into another bucket with soapy water where you will wash it a second time. The clothes will them be rinsed twice in some times dirty sometimes clean rinse water (in two different buckets). The clothes will then hang on the line until they are dry (can take 5-26 hours). The final step is to iron them to kill the eggs the bugs have lain and make sure you look "smart".
4. We cook by fire. I have not done too much of it but everything takes longer and is harder. Most thinks take a few hours to cook, and a lot of preparation to do so.
5. The roads are potholed and gravel- for me this means you fall a lot more and get some wicked bruises, scrapes, and scars while everyone is saying "oh, soury" in a Ugandan accent.
6. The TOILETS! Some do not have seats so you squat and some are just porcelain basins in the ground so you have to squat... I have even been in one that was a floor-tilted with a hole in the corner...I sanitized my feet after that one. Luckily at home we have a toilet with a seat...we just flush it by throwing a bucket of water down it.
7. There are germs everywhere! That’s true about any country but I got a parasite so I am saying it is especially true here. If a Muzungu even touched Lake Victoria they would get one.
8. Homework- only because I do not want to try, and I don't want to take time that I could be spending with my family to do it.
9. Not getting have the right of way!
There are others but I don't want to overwhelm you all...ha-ha it’s truly great here though...

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  1. That's just like our book, dude!!!! Your other fam sounds awesome. You finally got some 'brothers'...At least they don't steal your make-up (I hope)...Love you!