Monday, September 21, 2009

SuperStar Moments in Africa

Here are just some of the moments where I have felt  famous in Africa:

  1. One day after we went to church in Rwanda I decided to play football (soccer) with our translaters. We walked to their school to play, I was the only girl and one of three white people. As we began to walk through the school all the students followed us to the field and lined the field to watch us play. I felt really awkward as I do most of the Phil was the first to kick the ball and the crowd ooh'ed, next Brian kicked the ball and the crowed ah'ed. I gained confidence and stole the ball from Brian and kicked it...the Crowd cheered as if I was David Beckham...hahaha I know right? Our translaters decided to take us somewhere where there would be less of a crowd so we went to a different field where we continued to play and I continued to dominate... basically the Africans were inpressed and said I had power and I felt like a super star.
  2. When walking down the street everyone yells your name... Muzungu (white person)
  3. Mothers point you out to their babies so you can be their first muzungu
  4. Children try to touch you and walk beside you
  5. I got asked to M.C. the Ugandan Independence day party at my brother's school.

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  1. Hey Sweetie! It's so good to "hear" your voice:). Every few days I stop and think about you, how your doing, what it's been like for you, ect...What is your mailing address?( I would like to send you some things- if thats ok. When is the Idependence day party?..You'll like this-as I am writing this I am looking out on a 1/2inch of snow( that fell last noc ) that is melting. Very pretty. Am looking forward to your return. Take care luv...Mary-Jo